martes, 7 de julio de 2009

Get Prizerebel points the easiest way!

There is an easy way to get points by doing some simple and very clean way...

The most important thing i recomend you is that you have to use mozilla firefox for this to work.

Download: The necesary things to make points easier,And make a email account just for prizerebel,I recomend you people to make a gmail account, this account will get fill with spam but gmail automatically reconise it.

AiRoboform -> This Fills personal information for surveys.Put your fake info on it and the email you will use on prizerebel.

HotSpot Shield ->
This gives you a US ip adreess(If offers says not avaiable on your area this will fix it)Then you can do any offer.

Fixiz Point Gainer-> Point Gainer CRACKED.xpi -Legendz

This will jump survey pages for you some of the survey offers says that you have to get to page 20 and agree to one offer.

Second singup by clicking on these Link:

By signing up with my link it will be like a donation to me.

Put your real info on prizerebel but on the airoboform put fake info but with the email your are using on prizerebel.You can get fake info of a person here:

Third: Get at least 20 points by doing surveys or reffering other people.

Fourth: Download this aplication(I have scan it,it is clean i use avast pro) here:

Final: When you get at least 20 points use the aplication and you put your login information don't worry it doesnt go anywhere else just to the prizerebel page and then the aplication lets you input the amount of points you want to add I recomend 500 .This app is not made by me.There is a 50% chance for this to work....When you input 500 the system will think that the amount is reasonable,but when you enter something like 999 or more they may find out and will result in your account suspension.

Then with does points you can order some cool stuff from ebay,amazon and some other cool sites.The Ps3 cost 400 points,Zune 120gb 230points(i want it),Ipod touch 210 points.It is Great right.So I hope that this have help you out and please help me get points by entering with my link.I am looking forward to do this to....

I have tried using the app with 0 points and it doesnt work,Prizerebel almoust baned me for that so be careful.

One other thing never say anything to Prizerebel about this.